The New York Times explains winter sports

Brilliant series from the New York Times; finally starting to realise the potential of true multimedia* content publishing.

The best is this one about Ted Ligety's carving technique: Giant Slalom

The New York Times' first foray in this area was actually December 2012, with their Pulitzer prize winning Snow Fall feature. Ambitious and excellent, but packaged as a long form essay that somewhat limited its appeal, it also made it seem that the amount of work required might limit this level of production to large feature pieces only. 

The result was a conversation about the future of online journalism, and what tools might be needed to make the creation of stories like this more practical. Tools like ScrollKit.

The winter sports series shows that bite sized immersive content also works extremely well, and that mixed media can explain and illustrate a technical story more succinctly than anything in print (or online-aping-print, as it so often does) ever could.

* if that word hadn't been overused to the point of meaninglessness