Xbox One app

Working with the product manager and making use of analytics data from the blinkbox Xbox 360 app, I designed the UX and interface of the Xbox One application in its entirety.

Since the Xbox 360 is one of blinkbox's key platforms, it was clear a fully featured Xbox One app would be needed quickly to cater for the highly engaged early adopters that were most likely to upgrade their 360s.


Sketching / ideation

The Xbox One platform uses a grid based layout system and has a strict set of Human Interface Guidelines.

Using squared paper it's therefore possible to rapidly iterate layout options and get a good idea of the overall shape of the app.


Wireframes / prototype

Using Keynote allowed page layouts, text sizes and navigation options to be quickly tested on real TVs at 10' distances very early in the design process.

By configuring the slides to be 1920x1080, it's easy to rapidly spin up pixel perfect wireframes that made working with the visual design team extremely easy.


Homescreen prototype

click the arrows to move through the prototype screens


Series view prototype

click the arrows to move through the prototype screens


User testing

Current Xbox 360 owners were recruited and a simple HTML prototype used to run a series of user tests across 3 months during the design and development of the app.

The feedback from these sessions was invaluable, influencing the core navigation structure and search integration choices.


Screenshots – live app





Xbox One

Interaction design