I'm James Russell

I'm a UX and Product Design freelancer and very occasional blogger.

I specialise in user experience, interaction design and product strategy and am passionate about both beautiful, usable and delightful interfaces and the bigger picture: how can we help people to achieve their goals with our products?

I love writing (and reading) about design, technology, science, language and videogames.

Starting out as a consultant at Accenture, I helped AOL Europe move from their walled garden business model to the curated blog and advertising model you see today.

During the next 4 years at AKQA, I came to prefer helping clients solve their problems directly and became a designer full time.

I soon moved somewhere I could get my teeth into substantial product design work on a variety of platforms: blinkbox.

Since then I've helped thetrainline completely re-vamp their iOS and Android apps, designed 3D creation for everyone in Paint 3D at Microsoft and delved into data science at FarePilot, a start up helping Uber drivers work smarter. I then spent some time at the Financial Times before returning to Microsoft to work on Cortana, their voice assistant.

I love working at places that can embrace change, adapt, and aren't afraid to try new ideas.

LinkedIn: UXJames

I have a very common name. 
So you can find me as kazaroth everywhere...

twitter: @kazaroth
instagram: kazaroth
flickr: kazaroth


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Credit to Danish Prakash for the Nexus 10 and Adam S for the Xbox One images used in the Work section.